Cloning is simply the mitotic division of a progenitor cell to give rise to a whole new population of identical daughter cells, or otherwise known as clones. There are 3 types of cloning technologies out in the science field. They are DNA cloning, reproductive cloning, and therapeutic cloning. Yet when news about DNA cloning comes up we are usually directed to one type which is reproductive cloning. Reproductive cloning is simply the technology used to create clones of already existing animals.


Therapeutic cloning is also the cloning of embryos to be used in scientific research. DNA cloning is just simply the cloning of the persons DNA. But to go back a little the possibility of human cloning came up when a Scottish scientist at the Roslin Institute created the world wide known sheep named Dolly. This aroused both concern and interest because that was a great achievement. Yet concerns because cloning was the term referred to being able to duplicate biological material.
Dolly, First cloned sheep